So, our initial kickstarter failed.  

It really doesn’t feel like a failure, honestly, because even though our fundraising goal wasn’t met, the project ended up being an incredible way to introduce this movie to the world.  

From my perspective, it has been at turns terrifying and deeply satisfying as I watch my baby step out into the light and be judged.  Thankfully, the response has been positive, and that has been very energizing.  It’s something that can’t be measured by analytics or conversion rates or referrer stats - as the movie has become more public, the buzz has grown and more and more people reach out to us to offer help, advice, and support -  we’ve been making surprisingly human connections in the midst of all this technology.

We’re continuing to move forward, with a lot more knowledge about running a micro-finance campaign, and a renewed energy focused on getting us to production in 2-3 months.  

Stay tuned, it’s starting to get exciting.  We’ve raised 10% of our new goal in the first hour of fundraising.

Also, our new kickstarter is here.