In the process of developing and publicizing the movie, there have been a lot of questions about how it’s going to be structured.  

One approach to the topic that many people have brought up is the standard documentary trope of finding a few people experiencing the issue you are making the film about, and follow them - in the case of this film that would mean finding people who have issues with weight, allergies, etc, and seeing if they can improve their issues by adopting one of the ancestrally-based lifestyles we’re discussing in the film.  

It’s a tried-and-true way to put together a movie, mainly because it gives you a pre-made arc to work with and characters for your audience to relate to.  It’s popular because it works - it tugs at your heartstrings and give the audience a passive way to piggyback on someone else’s experience.

My objection to using this style for the film, and the reason we’re focusing more on the science around the issues than the human element, is because in weight-related discussion, anecdotal evidence is one of the barriers that has kept us from getting to the truth behind the issues.

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